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17 Ocak 2007 Çarşamba


Caucasians at abroad

The deportation and genocide policy of the Russians resulted with the dispersal of Caucasians the world over. The Circassian population abroad is more than the present population of the Caucasus.The majority who live abroad are in Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Israel, Germany and U.S.A.

Civil rights of the diaspora are seemingly in order and efforts are concentrated on the recognition and preservation of cultural identity. A group of Circassians are living in Libya. There is a Chechen village between Bakuma Shahribar at Irak. Another group of Chechen and Dagestanis live in Baghdad, Iraq. Circassians live in Tabriz, Iran. There are Circassians living, even in Manchuria.

The strongest diaspora of the Circassians
Struggle for identity

Amman in ancient history
Circassian life in Jordan

Hard struggle of Cevad Anzor
Heavy punishment for culture
Re-exile after Israeli Occupation

Ashiratul Cherakese
Circassian families in Libya
When Circassians have settled at Libya?


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